Best Law Firm Accounting Software for 2023 Features + Pricing

best bookkeeping help for small law firm

That’s why we’ve put together everything you need to know about law firm accounting and bookkeeping. Making the jump from an attorney to running a law firm can bring a ton of new intimidating challenges. Legal accounting and attorney bookkeeping are surely one of the largest you face. That’s why we recommend you should hire a professional legal account.

best bookkeeping help for small law firm

Learn how to address your team’s needs and select the best financial software for your mid-size law firm. Using legal billing software helps to eliminate some or all potential human errors by automating several processes that are normally done manually. Automated billing and other processes also help improve project and client management. Your billing process is also more streamlined and bills are processed and sent out in a timely manner.

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Leading legal accounting software include convenient time tracking features to keep track of your firm’s workload and progress. It also ensures that billable hours are logged correctly against the client’s retainer for simplified invoicing. Zoho Books comes with all the features small law firms need from an accounting software, like creating recurring invoices, expense tracking, online payments, advanced reporting, timesheet, and more.

  • The free version is free forever and has plenty of invoicing and accounting functions.
  • Optimizing a law firm’s finances can mean a lot of different things to different people.
  • Importantly, you can determine your practice’s progress at any time when you have accurate financial statements.
  • You can determine if you are up to date on best practices by asking your accounting professionals simple questions regarding tax obligations, business insurance, payroll, and more.
  • Different legal accounting software options have different features, but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily need every single feature available.

Learn more about what billable hours are, how to track them, and what kinds of time you can and can’t charge. Law firms can use double-entry bookkeeping as a way to better monitor the financial health of a company. Biglaw Investor is helping thousands of lawyers manage and eliminate student loans and make great investment decisions. We’re on a mission to help every lawyer achieve financial independence. Hiring myself as a bookkeeper would be an expensive waste of resources.

Supercharge Intake with Setmore, LEX Reception, and LawPay

The hope is that, by knowing where your money is coming and going, you can spend more wisely and capitalize on valuable opportunities. Your firm needs to keep track of your invoices so you know what money is owed (and who you owe money to) law firm bookkeeping to avoid this problem. That is, you spend money to handle a client case, doing things like hiring experts. Not all income is revenue — this is a distinction that needs to be made or you could have to deal with inaccurate bookkeeping.

best bookkeeping help for small law firm

Many best-in-class law firm accounting software come with additional functions to handle case and client management. This can help streamline a wide variety of tasks from intake, documentation, data entry, collections, communication, and more. Accounting for law firms has unique requirements for trust accounting, billing, and more. While general accounting software may work, choosing accounting software that’s designed for law firms will be vastly more useful. Look for legal-specific accounting tools or software that integrates with legal practice management software to create a solution that works for your law firm.

Aderant Review – by Uptime Legal

Clio is a cloud-based legal account software solution geared towards small to large law firms. The software makes lawyers more productive with features like time and expense tracking, online payments, billing, accounting, integrations, and calendaring. LeanLaw is one of the more popular names in the legal accounting industry. There are many things that make LeanLaw the best law firm billing software, including features like time tracking by matter, expense tracking, bulk invoices, and trust accounting. Rocket Matter lets you set up automated billing, so invoices will be sent out on a chosen schedule based on your billable hours and expenses.

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